After three rounds of competition in Shanghai seven matches have already ended early due to retirement. If seven sounds like a lot of RETs it’s because it is. By comparison, the Open Era record for retirements in a single men’s Major stands at 10 – the 2002 US Open and 2008 Wimbledon.

But with 128 draws, best-of-5 set formats and far more matches one could argue that Slams by nature have the greater likelihood for retirements. And that’s further held up when you account for the recent rise in first round prize money which has influenced the semi-injured to make the effort to play despite not being 100% healthy.

I don’t know what the overall record is for retirements at an ATP event, but having seven already in a 56-draw, best-of-3 tournament has to be close to that mark. And we still have three round left to play.