No, the title is not a misprint, it’s fact. Because Davis Cup now offers ATP ranking points the race between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for the year-end No. 1 spot could ultimately (and unfortunately) be decided during the Davis Cup final in December.

At the moment Federer enjoys a sizable 1,000 or so point lead over No. 2 Nadal, but there’s still plenty of points left to be had with Paris, London and even Davis Cup still to play.

Players will earn 1,000 points winning Paris alone, and another 1,500 for being the undefeated champion in London. But if the race gets tight the final year-end ranking could come down to the Davis Cup final when Spain hosts the Czech Republic.

This scenario would apply if and only if Nadal were to be within 150 points of Federer. Each win in the Cup final is worth 75 ATP points so for Nadal a maximum of 150 points are at stake. Obviously it’s a longshot but it’s remains something to keep an eye on during the London Masters.

Crowning an ATP year-end No. 1 at a Davis Cup finale? Probably not what tennis leaders had in mind but I’m sure the ITF will be more than happy to take it!