What's twitter?
This of it as one big giant online semi-moderated chat room.

Then what's tennistweets?
Here we just filter out the best and brightest pro tennis tweeters in the sprit of easier comphension and accessibility.

Are the messages on your site really from the players?
Supposedly. Then again they could be coming from their pets, gardners or maybe their mailman. We just have to take their word, er tweet, for it.

Seriously, do I really need to log in?
No. But by logging in you can easily send tweets to any of the players.

Will the players reply?
Not sure. Be nice, loving and caring and maybe they will.

Is my password safe?
You bet. And we don't store your password anywhere on the site. Seriously!

How often is the site updated?
Player tweets update every few seconds or so in real-time. The site itself round-a-bout 15 minutes.

Hey, you spelled Edina Gallovits wrong!
No we didn't.

You are missing some players who use twitter, what should I do?
What you should do is let us know and we'll add them.

What's the deal with all the "@" signs?
The "@" and letters succeeding it indicate the tweet is directed to that twitter username.

Can I put an ad up on the site?
Oh yeah. Send us your specs and we'll try and work something out. Or you can just send us money.

I like you site, can I buy it?
Sure, eveything on the net is for sale. Just get in touch with us but be prepared to open up your wallet nice and wide.

Who's better Federer or Nadal?
Andrew Ilie.

Is there an XML or RSS feed available?
Not yet, but we are working on one. Check back tomorrow.

I have some comments and questions, how do I get a hold of the site owner?
Try emaling feedback at or send a tweet to @tennistweetscom.