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What's Rebecca Marino been saying?

  • Some people think I'm too sensitive. I disagree; I'm just being human.

    - Rebecca Marino at 6:30:04 pm ET Feb 18th

  • positivity. Makes my heart smile :)

    - Rebecca Marino at 4:03:15 pm ET Feb 18th

  • I realize that with the bad there is also a lot of good. So many good people in the world, I know that for sure. Thanks everyone for the...

    - Rebecca Marino at 4:02:45 pm ET Feb 18th

  • Great article in the NY Times Written by @BenRothenberg. Thanks Ben for the lovely interview.

    - Rebecca Marino at 10:08:36 am ET Feb 18th

  • Isn't it the best feeling when a song finishes right when you reach your destination? #perfecttiming

    - Rebecca Marino at 3:25:21 am ET Feb 18th

  • Halfway home! I'm in Denver on a layover, and in a few hours I'll be in Vancouver! So excited to be going home!

    - Rebecca Marino at 12:51:52 pm ET Feb 17th

  • Lost my match today, so I'm all packed up and ready to go home. Waking up at 430, fun stuff!

    - Rebecca Marino at 9:38:23 pm ET Feb 16th

  • Ugh. Went to Benihana; not a good idea to have the shrimp. Tasted frozen, bleh. But I shouldn't complain, still filled the hole in my tummy.

    - Rebecca Marino at 8:24:44 pm ET Feb 16th

  • Missing my handsome puppy!

    - Rebecca Marino at 5:44:03 pm ET Feb 15th

  • Happy Valentine's day my lovelies! Doing anything special tonight? If not, don't despair! Chocolate should be discounted tomorrow ;)

    - Rebecca Marino at 11:29:48 pm ET Feb 14th

  • On my way to Memphis!

    - Rebecca Marino at 1:40:23 pm ET Feb 14th

  • Everyone should check out @LIJAStyle! They have amazing tennis, golf, and workout gear. Also, they're from Vancouver... just like me!

    - Rebecca Marino at 12:20:38 am ET Feb 14th

  • Definitely need to #endthestigma of mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar in our society. #BellLetsTalk

    - Rebecca Marino at 1:18:17 am ET Feb 13th

  • Great practice day here in San Diego! Weather was gorgeous, and my ankle is also feeling much better! Things are looking up!

    - Rebecca Marino at 7:36:14 pm ET Feb 12th

  • Brace yourself, the Valentine's Day posts are coming!

    - Rebecca Marino at 11:11:10 pm ET Feb 10th

  • Had rain delays today, got stung by a bee yesterday, and the day before sprained my ankle. But managed to win today, so all is good. :)

    - Rebecca Marino at 7:25:56 pm ET Feb 10th

  • Had a great dinner tonight! Went for mexican, at Fidel's. Can't wait for my match tomorrow morning #rumbleinthejungle ;) #ranchosantafe

    - Rebecca Marino at 12:17:10 am ET Feb 10th

  • What's everyone doing tonight? I'm going for dinner with some friends. What about you? Would love to hear what is going on in your life!

    - Rebecca Marino at 8:46:55 pm ET Feb 9th

  • Purity Ring's Shrine is such a wonderful album to listen to. All the songs are great. Highly recommend. My fav is

    - Rebecca Marino at 8:43:40 pm ET Feb 9th

  • GO CANADA! Playing #FedCup decider against Brasil! You can do it @sharon_fichman @geniebouchard, Steph, and Gaby! #rootingforyou #kickass

    - Rebecca Marino at 3:23:17 pm ET Feb 9th

  • Off to Rancho Santa Fe/San Deigo tmrw! Can't wait to visit some friends too! Any recommendations for restaurants, or fun things to do?

    - Rebecca Marino at 12:33:55 am ET Feb 9th

  • Watched "Stick It" on TV the other night. Wow, was it cheesy. But I'll admit, it makes me want to make this face now!

    - Rebecca Marino at 8:38:37 pm ET Feb 8th

  • You know its windy out when the rain is falling horizontally, and the bench on the tennis court blows away!

    - Rebecca Marino at 3:22:42 pm ET Feb 8th

  • Absolutely loving this song by Two Door Cinema Club: Sun. Hope you love it as much as I do! Let me know what you think

    - Rebecca Marino at 2:16:07 am ET Feb 8th

  • Just tried my first grapefruit! Was straight from the tree. It was interesting, kinda like a tart orange. Not sure if I like it or not...

    - Rebecca Marino at 4:33:34 pm ET Feb 7th

  • Cool, and slightly creepy, lip syncing video! I Put a Spell on You:! Check it out!

    - Rebecca Marino at 11:05:38 pm ET Feb 6th

  • Lost a heart-breaker, 7-5 in the third set. Definitely disappointed with this one. But I'm playing better each day, which is promising.

    - Rebecca Marino at 6:34:27 pm ET Feb 6th

  • Also, I'm 6ft2, and realistically I'm not going to be 100lbs unless you chop my legs off... just sayin ;)

    - Rebecca Marino at 11:53:58 pm ET Feb 5th

  • I've heard/read that some people think I have gained weight. My reaction: Who cares! I'm happy and healthy and that's all that matters...

    - Rebecca Marino at 11:52:50 pm ET Feb 5th

  • Just finished the best doubles match I've played in a while! Emily and I won 6-7 7-6 & 10-8 in the super tie break. Great way to end the day

    - Rebecca Marino at 7:27:02 pm ET Feb 5th