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  • Lorenzo Giustino (LorenzoGiustino) - 7 months ago
    RT @IOInvestors: We are giving away one FREE Elite Membership for LIFE. Your all-in- one investing tool is right at your fingertips.
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    #giveaway… https://t.co/f9pTkgIN9C

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  • Lorenzo Giustino (LorenzoGiustino) - one year ago
    RT @rahatheart1: To all professionals who have & continue to loose theirs lives in the line of duty are profoundly & incredibly courageous. True to their convictions to the care & wellbeing of others, I salute them all, may their souls rest in eternal peace, Ameen.
    @tamaranihici @Vilavaite https://t.co/2hboUJw3C6

    This is Dr. Usama Riaz. He spent past weeks screening and treating patients with Corona Virus in Pakistan. He knew there was no PPE. He persisted anyways. Today he lost his own battle with coronavirus but he gave life and hope to so many more. KNOW HIS NAME 😭❤ https://t.co/flSwhLCPmx

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  • Lorenzo Giustino (LorenzoGiustino) - one year ago
    @VasekPospisil I'm already talking with all the challenger circuit, about to create a tennis union, to defend our rights. Do you think do we have chance to involve all players?

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  • Lorenzo Giustino (LorenzoGiustino) - one year ago
    RT @RobertoQuirozG: ATP University y Nitto ATP finals con este gran grupo. Tiempo de unas vacaciones en casa, 2020 voy a ti! https://t.co/glTqBLn4JE

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  • Lorenzo Giustino (LorenzoGiustino) - 5 years ago
    Help us support other’s dreams. SHARE to help Wilson give to sports programs in need.#MyWilson https://t.co/avFze6shN0

    The best #MyWilson submissions are in. Check out the great clips in the video and congrats to everyone featured! https://t.co/QeOJWm8um7

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  • Lorenzo Giustino (LorenzoGiustino) - 5 years ago
    RT @DjokerNole: happy halloween! I'm always game when it comes to having fun :) https://t.co/gJQs6Sh1Bn

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  • Lorenzo Giustino (LorenzoGiustino) - 5 years ago
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  • Lorenzo Giustino (LorenzoGiustino) - 5 years ago
    Love is good 💙#love #togheter #frozenyogurt #lifepartner #aftertennis https://t.co/qIKtOva4k5

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