• Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - a minute ago
    Bedene has saved seven BPs in this set so far.

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  • Stephanie Myles (StefMylesTennis) - 2 minutes ago
    #Supportjournalism https://t.co/HhU5zdKd3L

    Stefanie Dazio
    Every media outlet is in Minneapolis right now. But remember that locals like @StarTribune have been + will be in Minneapolis for weeks/months/years. Support them and support local news and subscribe now.

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  • Tennis X News (tennisx) - 4 minutes ago
    Current WTA ranking for Daria Kasatkina @DKasatkina is No. 37

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  • Stephanie Myles (OpenCourt) - 5 minutes ago
    Fratangelo wins the next two points and pulls it out.
    31 aces on Har-Tru is good servin' natch.
    #Graphics https://t.co/fWkD3Pyy3Y

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  • Stephanie Myles (OpenCourt) - 7 minutes ago
    Meanwhile, Dr. Ivo is back in action - but just double-faulted at 4-4 in the third-set tiebreak v Fratangelo. https://t.co/mBaAALoS0I

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  • Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - 9 minutes ago
    Bedene hanging in there.

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  • Mike Dickson (Mike_Dickson_DM) - 11 minutes ago
    Nicolas Mahut v John Isner at Wimbledon lasted longer than the Euro Super League project, strange to think.

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  • Other List Updates (OtherLists) - 11 minutes ago
    Salinas 2 update:
    OUT: De Jong
    IN: Dougaz
    Next: Mansouri

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  • Tom Tebbutt (tomtebbutt) - 18 minutes ago
    #14 (7)Denis Shapovalov def #51 Jeremy Chardy 6-3, 7-5
    next in third round vs winner of
    #20 (10)Felix Auger-Aliassime v WC #87 Lorenzo Musetti
    FAA v LM at 11 am Wed (5 am ET Canada) #2 Showcourt
    On TSN3 https://t.co/twIup4zxoP

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  • ATP Tour (atptour) - 21 minutes ago
    Rounding out Day 2 💪

    🇨🇦 Shapovalov d. Chardy 🇫🇷
    🇪🇸 Bautista Agut d. Andujar 🇪🇸
    🇬🇧 Norrie d. Khachanov 🇷🇺
    🇮🇹 Sinner d. Gerasimov 🇧🇾


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  • ATP Tour (atptour) - 23 minutes ago
    RT @TennisTV: Impressive win for the Briton! 🇬🇧

    @cam_norrie defeats 12th seed Khachanov 6-4 3-6 6-3 to seal a place in R3 against David Goffin.

    #BCNOpenBS https://t.co/8QuiGwtluH

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  • Nick McCarvel (NickMcCarvel) - 24 minutes ago
    Is there a rule for how many times the ice cream truck can play its song outside your building? I think we're nearly 1,000 - for today.


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  • Kamakshi Tandon (Kamakshi_Tandon) - 25 minutes ago
    RT @cmcdonaldglobal: Toronto follows the lead of @regionofpeel and orders workplaces where there is an outbreak of 5 or more #COVID19 cases over a 14 day period, to shut down for a minimum of ten days. Order begins this Friday https://t.co/AXLUV7yqhE

    City of Toronto
    Toronto Public Health issues Section 22 Class Order to close workplaces to manage #COVID19 outbreaks. News release: https://t.co/XRtq6ezFBc https://t.co/s1bNX7h34L

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  • Tennis Channel (TennisChannel) - 26 minutes ago
    And a flawless counterattack from @SebiKorda. 👏

    Set two to the American, 6-1.
    Stream live → https://t.co/tPoe44TDv0

    #SerbiaOpen2021 https://t.co/YSopXTG19S

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  • TENNIS (Tennis) - 28 minutes ago
    "Personally, I do not feel that I am obsessed with anything," @DjokerNole said in response to @RafaelNadal. "I am going towards achieving my goals and I have never had a problem verbalizing it."

    The two greats spar over ambition: 


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  • Kamakshi Tandon (Kamakshi_Tandon) - 29 minutes ago
    RT @AshTuite: A reminder from #MacTheobio that they showed in Feb what would happen in Ontario if public health measures were lifted too quickly. Red line is the forecast, filled circles the data used to fit the model, open circles show the actual observed data. 1/n https://t.co/T35bIEfdU2

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  • Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - 30 minutes ago
    Korda runs through this second set 6-1, and we’ll have one more set in Belgrade.

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  • Kamakshi Tandon (Kamakshi_Tandon) - 32 minutes ago
    Everyone wants to copy Australia's success, until they learn what Aussies had to do. https://t.co/3B8LNi8dSA

    Colin D'Mello CTVNews
    B.C. announces travel restrictions and "random audits" to combat the third wave just days after Ontario rescinded a similar measure over intense backlash. https://t.co/6Gh4AOTYXD #onpoli

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  • wta (WTA) - 34 minutes ago
    Sitting 7️⃣th in the @Porsche #RaceToShenzhen with 1117 points 🛣

    @SabalenkaA hops into the Driver's Seat ahead of her #PorscheTennis campaign with 470 points up for grabs ✊ https://t.co/AnZoOY3mwv

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  • Carole Bouchard 💜💛 (carole_bouchard) - 38 minutes ago
    Breathe In. Breathe Out. Repeat. https://t.co/So1yoOYZIT

    Adam B. Vary
    Just heard on CNN it's going to be 45 minutes before we hear the verdict. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH OURSELVES?

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  • MisterOnly.Tennis (OnlyRogerCanFly) - 39 minutes ago
    📊 Tenistas con más victorias en el ATP 500 de Barcelona (2009-2020):

    40 🇪🇸 Rafa Nadal

    22 🇯🇵 Kei Nishikori
    20 🇪🇸 David Ferrer

    17 🇪🇸 Nicolás Almagro
    14 🇪🇸 Albert Ramos
    13 🇪🇸 Feliciano López
    13 🇦🇹 Dominic Thiem
    12 🇪🇸 Fernando Verdasco
    12 🇫🇷 Benoit Paire
    11 🇪🇸 Albert Montañés

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  • Carole Bouchard 💜💛 (carole_bouchard) - 41 minutes ago
    RT @ananavarro: I don’t know anyone who’s followed this trial, who doesn’t think #DerekChauvin committed murder & should be found guilty on all counts.

    I also don’t know anyone who isn’t worried or would be shocked, if that didn’t happen.

    If you’re the praying kind, say one for Floyd Family.

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  • José Morgado (josemorgado) - 41 minutes ago
    Good win for Petra! https://t.co/Y8MvD8t6Yx

    Defending champ @Petra_Kvitova advances in Stuttgart! The No.7 seed bests Brady 6-4, 6-3 to book an appointment with Maria Sakkari in the second round. #PorscheTennis https://t.co/sUv29gCTCA

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  • TENNIS (Tennis) - 43 minutes ago
    What's it like to be in Danielle Collins' shoes as she prepares for Roland Garros? ☀️ 🎾 🌊

    Check out the full video: https://t.co/44iGmB14Pd

    @NBTennis @newbalance https://t.co/1JST5Gpc2U

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  • Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - 43 minutes ago
    Another late-ish finish in Belgrade then.

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  • Ed Salmon (fogmount) - 46 minutes ago
    Norrie comes back from 0-2 in the 3rd to beat Khachanov, 64 36 63 in Barcelona.

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  • Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - 46 minutes ago
    Korda strikes back on the second.

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  • Carole Bouchard 💜💛 (carole_bouchard) - 48 minutes ago
    RT @Yamiche: BREAKING: A verdict has been reached in the trial of Derek Chauvin. It will be read between 4:30 and 5 pm ET.

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  • Kamakshi Tandon (Kamakshi_Tandon) - 50 minutes ago
    Nadal and Djokovic and the sounds of a broken record. It's mostly just about different styles, but low key an interesting development. https://t.co/z0CenAlBSj

    Tennis Channel
    "Of course, I want to win more Slams, yes. No doubt about that...Novak is more obsessed about this, more focused." While Rafa added that his comment was not in a "negative way," Novak Djokovic disagreed with Nadal's characterization. https://t.co/d72EqpKbOK

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  • Tennis Channel (TennisChannel) - 52 minutes ago
    It's crunch time. 😤

    @AljazBedene is giving Korda a run for his money, claiming the first set 7-5.
    Stream live → https://t.co/tPoe44TDv0

    #SerbiaOpen2021 https://t.co/ckOhieWgPn

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  • Joey Hanf (TheTennisNerds) - 56 minutes ago
    @atptour @WTA 🗒️✍️ https://t.co/Asvc7gVxun

    The PGA Tour is implementing a lucrative new bonus structure designed to reward top players for moving the needle, and not just by their on-course performance. https://t.co/UTFNnGEvMG

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  • Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - 57 minutes ago
    Bedene in the leggings takes the first set 7-5 against Korda in Belgrade.

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  • Jeff Sackmann (tennisabstract) - an hour ago
    * "calibrated" sounds fancy and precise ... it's not really that, but it does work.

    Barty, the WTA Elo #2, is also narrowly "ahead" of Djokovic, at 2146.

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  • Jeff Sackmann (tennisabstract) - an hour ago
    Another side-effect of Evans d Djokovic:

    Djokovic Elo rating: 2135
    Osaka Elo rating: 2180

    It's not *exactly* apples-to-apples, but my ratings are calibrated* to avoid inflation, so the absolute number tells you something pretty reliable about dominance relative to the tour.

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  • Jon Wertheim (jon_wertheim) - an hour ago
    European Super League to tennis dysfunction: "Hold my Fever Tree."

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  • ATP Tour (atptour) - an hour ago
    First match as a Top 20 player ✅

    @janniksin rolls past Gerasimov 6-3, 6-2 to reach the 3R in Barcelona 💪


    30 320
  • Richard Deitsch (richarddeitsch) - an hour ago
    Soccer Twitter feeling today how I felt seeing Dominion filing lawsuits. https://t.co/nvzyCnHZ3C

    1 35
  • Stephanie Myles (StefMylesTennis) - an hour ago
    RT @NickFrancona: When your target audience is Kyle Rittenhouse. https://t.co/otKYNKKo4T

    Paul Lukas
    EXCLUSIVE: MLB's Armed Forces Day caps have leaked. Full set and details here: https://t.co/Y2EQjPq9KQ https://t.co/R8FNBj9u6F

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  • TennisNow (Tennis_Now) - an hour ago
    RT @TennisTV: This 19-year-old is on a roll! 🌟

    @janniksin defeats Gerasimov in straight sets, 6-3 6-2.

    The Italian will take on Roberto Bautista Agut in R3.

    #BCNOpenBS https://t.co/qUri5KoVoE

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  • Stephanie Myles (StefMylesTennis) - an hour ago
    :-( https://t.co/SOP3C3Ce8W

    Herb Zurkowsky
    Carey Price has a concussion and won’t be available for a week

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  • Stephanie Myles (StefMylesTennis) - an hour ago
    RT @Justin_Ling: This is the end result of Ford's bewildering police measures: Cops harassing 12-year-olds for being outside. https://t.co/8yx55dYmJO

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  • Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - an hour ago
    Sinner will meet RBA in the next round.

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  • wta (WTA) - an hour ago
    “It was great to be back on this court!”

    @PorscheTennis defending champion @Petra_Kvitova reflects on her latest victory in Stuttgart. https://t.co/SICDuAgtJg

    14 90
  • Ed Salmon (fogmount) - an hour ago
    Sinner d. Gerasimov, 63 62 in Barcelona.

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  • Jeff Sackmann (tennisabstract) - an hour ago
    Michal Kokta crunched the numbers on Monte Carlo groundstroke velocity and spin:

    (tweeting again because I forgot how to spell)

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  • Richard Deitsch (richarddeitsch) - an hour ago
    Congratulations to less horrible corporate villains.

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  • WTA Insider (WTA_insider) - an hour ago
    Strong opening performance for defending champion Petra Kvitova, defeating Jennifer Brady 64 3. Rough first-round draw for both.

    Kvitova faces Maria Sakkari in 2R.

    #PorscheTennis https://t.co/9q7viSgegm

    11 59
  • Tennis Channel (TennisChannel) - an hour ago
    Don't mess with the defending champion. 🙅

    @Petra_Kvitova powers past Jennifer Brady 6-4, 6-3 in her first rounder.

    #PTGP21 https://t.co/TKgcxNjSo3

    4 34
  • Jeff Sackmann (tennisabstract) - an hour ago
    RT @StatsOnTheT: Want to delve into the return patterns of top atp players? Here is a model-based tool to compare return impact locations on serve return with filters for serve number, surface and court side. Explore and let me know what you find https://t.co/fOJvbmxljI #atptour https://t.co/YpkAmlTyIG

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  • wta (WTA) - an hour ago
    Defending champ @Petra_Kvitova advances in Stuttgart!

    The No.7 seed bests Brady 6-4, 6-3 to book an appointment with Maria Sakkari in the second round.

    #PorscheTennis https://t.co/sUv29gCTCA

    25 164
  • Stuart Fraser (stu_fraser) - an hour ago
    RT @Nick_Metcalfe: Events continue to move at an astounding pace this evening:

    *Chelsea and Manchester City to pull out of Super League
    *Atletico and Barcelona are reportedly also preparing to quit
    *Ed Woodward resigns as Manchester United chairman
    *Fans celebrate outside Stamford Bridge

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  • Brad Gilbert (bgtennisnation) - an hour ago
    4-20 shout out to San Rafael High in the 70’s https://t.co/mknLEY6qOC

    Tom Petty
    Let me get to the point Let’s roll another joint https://t.co/KNIJJ5TFqT

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  • Ed Salmon (fogmount) - an hour ago
    In a hard-hitting match, Kvitova’s strokes are smoother and her feet more nimble. She beats Brady, 64 63 in Stuttgart.

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  • Brad Gilbert (bgtennisnation) - an hour ago
    I had both of them https://t.co/mN2qcPMW4A

    Subbu Mahadevan
    @bgtennisnation I would add Berdych to that list. Along with Ferrer, among the best..

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  • Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - an hour ago
    Gerasimov probably missed his only tiny chances in the previous game.

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  • Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - an hour ago
    Things are going rapidly in football land, I see.

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  • TENNIS (Tennis) - an hour ago
    Long-time @LBSUBeachTennis Head Coach Jenny Hilt-Costello joins @Court_Side_w_BT to discuss her successful tennis journey which includes taking the program into the national elite, 13 NCAA tournament berths & 17 consecutive nationally-ranked seasons.

    https://t.co/ffAVOV4pqB https://t.co/XftMb18jWy

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  • Tennis Channel (TennisChannel) - an hour ago
    "Of course, I want to win more Slams, yes. No doubt about that...Novak is more obsessed about this, more focused."

    While Rafa added that his comment was not in a "negative way," Novak Djokovic disagreed with Nadal's characterization.


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  • doublefault28 (doublefault28) - 1 hour ago

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  • Carole Bouchard 💜💛 (carole_bouchard) - 1 hour ago
    RT @talkSPORT: BREAKING: Ed Woodward has resigned as chairman of Manchester United.

    Woodward’s decision comes after the backlash over the European Super League.

    - talkSPORT sources understand

    📻 Listen → https://t.co/VJgUHnqdM1 https://t.co/gNcRfW5xdp

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  • Western & Southern Open (CincyTennis) - 1 hour ago
    In case you haven't already...

    Mark your calendars for August 14-22.

    #CincyTennis returns 💙 https://t.co/6xL4Dbufey

    3 41
  • Josh Meiseles (JoshMeiz) - 1 hour ago

    36396 0
  • Bastien Fachan (BastienFachan) - 1 hour ago
    RT @henrymance: enjoying the Super League’s new knockout format

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  • Ed Salmon (fogmount) - 1 hour ago
    Ferro d. Martic, 75 62 in Istanbul.

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  • Del🇪🇺 (Stroppa_Del) - 1 hour ago
    As expected, easy first set for Sinner. And Gerasimov isn’t even playing badly.

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  • Richard Deitsch (richarddeitsch) - 1 hour ago
    Thinking the Super League consultants came from the same firm that tried to overturn a legal election.

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