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Former world #1, 2-time US Open Champion, Broadcaster, Proud mom of 3 boys. Instagram: tracyaustin_


Los Angeles, CA

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 days ago
    Elephant—- “Can I make a request? “Moon River, please!” ❤️❤️❤️

    Rex Chapman🏇🏼
    Timeline cleanser: (But if you’ve already seen a lady playing the piano for an elephant in a river today then today just keep on scrolling.)

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 3 days ago

    Chris Evert
    Omg, you two instigators!!!!! This picture was like, 40 years ago!!!!😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭🧐🧐🧐

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 4 days ago
    The respect! 🙌This along with the genuine emotions from #HidekiMatsuyama brought tears to my eyes & chills to my body! He handled the pressure beautifully. Game changing for golf mad country of Japan 👍💪👏@TheMasters

    Rex Chapman🏇🏼

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 4 days ago
    Open stance to win it!! #Hideki Matsuyama. Congrats!!! Very exciting for Japan!!⛳️#TheMasters

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 5 days ago
    You got that right! He was gorgeous. Still is! 😉

    colours of Spring
    @thetracyaustin Everyone did!

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 5 days ago
    Bjorn’s hands are interlocked behind you-quite close. Looks like he felt the same way! 😉😂

    Chris Evert
    Big crush on him!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 5 days ago
    Just posted a photo @ Wimbledon

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 6 days ago
    Great job with info and names! You even got the trainer Connie Spooner far left. Far right is coach Vicky Berner, a former @WTA player, not Gigi. This team played together 3 years ‘78-‘80 and was loads of fun!

    LoveSetMatch 💯🎾🔥 🏃🏻🇨🇭🐐
    LT-RT Connie Spooner Rosie Casals @thetracyaustin @ChrissieEvert @BillieJeanKing @gigifernandez i think? The tournament was held at RSHE Club Campo in Madrid Spain, from 30 April - 6 May US won their 4th consecutive title defeating Australia in their 9th final! #Champions

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 6 days ago
    @felixtennis hiring Uncle Toni is a great “get” esp. right before clay court season. Toni Nadal had front row seat-how @RafaelNadal prepared, constructed points,& dealt w/ big moments. Champion mindset, small margins so a few nuggets from elite coach such an asset to career. 👊🏽

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 6 days ago
    Really enjoyed chatting with you @MoneyMitchM21 Good luck with the new podcast my friend. 🎾🍀@TennisChannel

    The debut episode of the Tennis Channel Inside-In podcast is here. 🙌 @thetracyaustin recaps the @MiamiOpen, discusses the Roland Garros delay and all the WTA action from the @VolvoCarOpen, and more. Listen now!

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 8 days ago
    Appreciate it @ToddinSRQ 🙌

    Todster 1986
    @usopen @thetracyaustin An incredible feat in sports history which sometimes goes under appreciated. Tracy wins the US Open twice, shoots to Number 1 in the world and defeats Chris & Martina on a regular basis all btwn age 16-18. Tracy is very humble. We're not. This is a day to celebrate Tracy Austin!

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 8 days ago
    @roger_rasheed A lot to go through-so glad you got good news. Take care🙌🏽

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 8 days ago
    RT @usopen: On this day over 40 years ago, Tracy Austin became world No. 1.

    This milestone came 7 months after she became the youngest US Open champion in history at 16-years-old!

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 9 days ago
    Happy, happy birthday to our son Brandon!! 🎂🥳🎉❤️🎾 We could not be more proud of you-the outstanding person you are and so many accomplishments. We love you so much❤️🤍💙

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 11 days ago
    Exciting to see @HubertHurkacz win @MiamiOpen, his 1st Masters 1000-memorable & a big deal! 🥳🎉Great week also for @janniksin who has such a bright future.🤩🌟These guys are so talented, humble and good friends.#FeelGoodMoment

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 12 days ago
    That side slice forehand must warm your heart! 😂I was on the receiving end plenty although yours wasn’t quite so “slicey”....😉 #changeofpace

    Pam Shriver
    This is how you side slice a forehand! ⁦@Bandreescu_⁩ does she have another three setter in her?

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 12 days ago
    What a shot!! What a finish! What a season! @JalenSuggs2020 @ZagMBB @UCLAMBB

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 22 days ago
    Your racket drop made the interview!! Martina, “right on my bad toe” and “one of her cheap tricks” on cue.

    Chris Evert
    THIS IS SO FUNNY! I love our soft little voices! I love our answers! I love that I dropped my racket on her toe!!!

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 22 days ago
    This is classic! We were so young! I clearly wasn’t a chatterbox at 16😉@ChrissieEvert @Martina

    Tennis Historian
    Tracy Austin, Chris Evert, and Martina Navratilova appear on Good Morning America on March 20, 1979 They were promoting the Avon Championships at Madison Square Garden where the winner would earn $100,000 in prize money @thetracyaustin @Martina @ChrissieEvert

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 28 days ago
    @spatafora @TennisChannel Thank you Richard! 🙌

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    You betcha! Lulu is such a sweetheart so anything to keep her happy while we played❤️🎾😎@Martina

    Martina Navratilova
    And this was Lulu in Tracy Austin’s “dog carrier”:), sleeping in style, baby, right @thetracyaustin ?

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Thx! Next week, starting Monday @TennisChannel 👀💃🎾

    @thetracyaustin when are you coming on TC again?! Miss you on TC Live, Trace!

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Happy #InternationalWomen’sDay!Thankful 4 the intelligent, nurturing, & fearless women who were my role models. Inspirational to see these women deal w/ challenges and live life w/ grace,calm,& kindness! 💐🙌💕#iwd2021 #choosetochallenge #womensday #mother #sister #friend

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    RT @usta: Grassroots ➡️ Grandest Stages

    We celebrate the women who’ve fueled the growth of tennis at every level of the game.


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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Just posted a photo @ Wimbledon

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Does anyone else see the resemblance between ⁦@AndreyRublev97⁩ and actor Willem Dafoe? ⁦@TennisChannel⁩

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Anyone else see a strong resemblance between ⁦@AndreyRublev97⁩ and actor William Dafoe? ⁦@TennisChannel⁩

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    The love of a sport and ❤️ of an athlete is special! 💪Hard for others to understand what makes it tick. Play as long as rewarding-don’t listen @andy_murray 👍👊👏

    We Are Tennis
    "Why should I stop? Tell me a good reason for why I should stop playing. I can still compete with the best players in the world with one hip. I think that's quite amusing really." Andy Murray

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    So happy we got to play last week and now you have your own group set up to do “the workout”. 😉Your Cali friends can’t wait til next time ;) @Martina

    Martina Navratilova
    @docmks Felt lousy yesterday but back to normal today -in fact off to hit some tennis balls:). Last year was the least I ever played- maybe 6 times the 12 months after Aussie open. Now I got the bug back again:), thank you @thetracyaustin :)

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Congrats to @TennisHalloFame Class of 2021!🎉 The gutsy trailblazers of women’s pro tennis-the Original 9, 1 of the best coaches of all time-Dennis Van Der Meer, and an incredible competitor, the Aussie great @lleytonhewitt !! Well deserved! 👏👏👏 @BillieJeanKing @RosieCasals ❤️

    Tennis Hall of Fame
    ✅ A trailblazing group of women ✅ An innovative teacher ✅ An Australian great Presenting the International Tennis Hall of Fame Class of 2021 🎥

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Had to watch this 50X’s-couldn’t believe my eyes! Video right on the line-ball inside the line! 👀😡 @ITA_Tennis

    Brad Gilbert
    This is egregious behavior on court and merits instant suspension for the player and the coach on the court allowing this to happen 😔 👎

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Praying for ⁦@TigerWoods⁩ Coming down Hawthorne Blvd it gets steep, curves to the right and is very easy to pick up speed. Thoughts and prayers w/ Tiger and family. 🙏🙏🙏

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    This gave me chills! So happy your husband got inspired and went after his dreams. My dad loved his job working on the Mars spacecraft/clearly evident your husband does too!! Congratulations! #fullcircle 🪐💫

    My husband is in the video. I read your response to him & we choked up! He announced at dinner in Argentina when he was 8 that he was going to work for NASA. When Viking landed, he said “this is what I’m going to do.”1.5 yrs later, he was at @EngineeringSU and the rest is history

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Elation!!🎉 So wish my dad could see this success! He worked on @NASA @VikingProject 45 yrs ago, the 1st spacecraft to land on Mars. Still tough to fathom how the engineers do this! #Perseverance Frucking is a thing! 😉🪐👏

    Rex Chapman🏇🏼
    This is Alejandro Miguel San Martin. He’s been the chief engineer of the previous four Mars landings. He’s now a Mission Control advisor for Perseverance. Passion is a beautiful thing...

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    Break point late in third set.....the score line, off balance, the accuracy, the “scoop” comes through. Champions find a way! 💪#championsmentality

    Sebastián Torok
    Este punto de @DaniilMedwed 🔥 (con festejo incluido). #AusOpen

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    RT @people: She might be 100, but she's still got moves! 🎉

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - one month ago
    The @DaniilMedwed defense seems super human, especially for guy 6’6” 🦸🏻‍♂️🔥

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    Happy tears....😅🐶❤️

    Rex Chapman🏇🏼
    Due to COVID this good girl hadn’t seen her hooman in months...

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    13 new cases of a new Covid variant in Melbourne after weeks with no cases. Obviously really unfortunate, but I think fans/players all understand need for lockdown that started at 11:59. Tournament still continues. #AusOpen

    Dan Monk
    @thetracyaustin Madness. If I were a fan in there watching it I'd be pretty annoyed at having to leave now

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    Strangest few hours of tennis, roller coaster ride. @ThiemDomi comeback vs Nick, @DjokerNole injury woes, crowd asked to leave mid-match, raucous atmosphere to quiet. ND scream-elation-relief! @AustralianOpen #AusOpen

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    Smart for @Taylor_Fritz97 and his team to stay subdued-no celebrating after winning the 4th. Don’t give Novak any reason to fire up but he better or Taylor wins.

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    Wild scene on Rod Laver arena as fans have to leave DURING Djokovic-Fritz match because Melbourne going into lockdown at 11:59PM for 5 days. ND slipped, injury time outs, lots of drama. Can ND lift his game, or too injured?

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    Crowd so important and surreal in that Kyrgios victory-he fed off their energy to turn the match around. The crowd engagement, the shotmaking, the emotions-fun to watch! @AustralianOpen #AustralianOpen2021

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago

    Shane Fawcett
    On Aussie Open Eve...3 of the all time greats. Thank you ladies xxx @Martina @ChrissieEvert @thetracyaustin

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    @BenRothenberg So sorry for your loss, Ben. Touching tribute-sounds like your dad loved his family very much and I’m sure he was proud of you. 💔

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    Heartbreaking to hear of Tony Trabert’s passing. Hall of Fame, legendary careers in tennis & commentating. Such a gentleman!Took lessons as a little girl, he became a good friend & feel fortunate to speak to Tony last week. Condolences Vicki, Mike, and Brooke #RIPTony 💔💔💔

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    Such happy news! I bet you are a really fun grandad! 👶🎉😍

    Chris Bradnam
    Just became grandad for a 6th time! 🍼 👶🥂

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    Enlightening read from @MikaelaShiffrin -the emotional roller coaster, tug and pull of confidence/doubt, winning on Sunday-start over on Monday, for an athlete.👏You got this @iga_swiatek 💪

    Iga Świątek
    Finally someone described, what I couldn't and I mean - emotional hurdles, challenges and simply every day of life😬 🙌@MikaelaShiffrin

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    Oh, no! Lots of scrambling to figure this out. 🤦‍♀️Article below with a lot of detail........⬇️. Any ideas?

    Stephanie Myles
    A hotel worker who was at the Grand Hyatt until nearly the end of the quarantine period for hundreds of Australian Open players and staff has tested positive for COVID-19. And now, it could get a little crazy.

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  • Tracy Austin (thetracyaustin) - 2 months ago
    The @ArizonaBiltmore ....fond memories of that tournament & what a beautiful, unique hotel. Back when the U.S. had 15-20 tournaments a year. Your local pro would be better help finding u a league.

    Natalie D
    @thetracyaustin Oh.... I wish I could hit a tennis ball!! Haven't played in a year, going crazy...wanna hit? I need to find a league. If you could help me with any clinics that would be great. Thanks Nat. Fyi.. I watched you play years ago at the Biltmore.. 😊

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