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The top rated tweets as voted by you:

  • props to fed.... thats an unreal accomplishment and puts and end to the GOAT question in my humble opinion

    - andyroddick at 6:09:25 pm ET on 7-Jun-09

    22 votes
  • Belgrade recap: Beautiful women, ugly men, great steak, people smoke like chimneys, Djokovic owns the city, they love their tennis, gre ...

    - justingimelstob at 3:38:44 pm ET on 7-May-09

    15 votes
  • a "fed apologist" then i am guilty as charged... i was a fan of tennis long before i was a pro, and have an appreciation of the history of

    - andyroddick at 10:34:41 pm ET on 7-Jun-09

    12 votes
  • In Cincy after all!! Cmon!

    - amqj_magnus at 4:30:22 am ET on 15-Aug-09

    9 votes
  • wimbledon womens champs in 2029-2040 .... the federer girls :) congrats to the new parents!

    - andyroddick at 2:40:50 pm ET on 24-Jul-09

    9 votes
  • 1000 km in a Chevy! Oh la la

    - amqj_magnus at 7:30:18 pm ET on 22-Aug-09

    8 votes
  • Congrats S Arvidsson!!! Cmon Swedish Tennis. 2 players in the MD singles...ooooppppssss

    - amqj_magnus at 5:26:00 pm ET on 27-Aug-09

    8 votes
  • Im not doing this anymore. Its no fun. Bye now

    - amqj_magnus at 9:15:23 am ET on 1-Sep-09

    8 votes
  • Starbucks oatmeal is actually not that bad! Raining in NYC today however. Hoping for some courttime but not sure.

    - amqj_magnus at 8:35:34 am ET on 28-Aug-09

    8 votes
  • good morning!! slept through another night... dont hink i have ever done that before the first week of a trip... i ll take it though

    - andyroddick at 8:54:54 am ET on 11-May-09

    8 votes
  • I´m going to bed soon. Playing second match after 12o´clock against Wozniacki tomorrow. Tommy Haas plays before me again. :)

    - sabinelisicki at 10:05:48 pm ET on 28-Jun-09

    8 votes
  • U have no idea how much I enjoyed winning that doubles this evening!!

    - andy_murray at 8:30:17 pm ET on 8-Jun-09

    8 votes
  • I jus invented Spraybucks. I took a caramel machiato and put it in a spray bottle. Now its my cologne. Smell goood lol

    - vincespadea at 12:16:20 am ET on 9-May-09

    8 votes
  • But finally in NY!

    - amqj_magnus at 7:34:15 pm ET on 22-Aug-09

    8 votes
  • Good training today. Happy its holding up so far.. Cmon!

    - amqj_magnus at 3:08:16 am ET on 16-Aug-09

    7 votes
  • @abeautiful_day good luck tomorow!

    - amqj_magnus at 3:38:03 am ET on 16-Aug-09

    7 votes
  • i wish my back would shave itself

    - justingimelstob at 10:25:39 pm ET on 9-May-09

    7 votes
  • Im so tired of all tomtar on this circuit

    - amqj_magnus at 8:58:21 pm ET on 30-Aug-09

    7 votes
  • How could you not like these guys? Coldplay to give away free CD at gigs

    - AmerDelic at 2:29:38 pm ET on 2-May-09

    6 votes
  • In St.Louis. Took a nap. Ate something. Dressed. And ready to head out the door for WTT action! Welcome back Kim Clijsters! Go Lasers!

    - LiezelHuber at 11:23:25 pm ET on 21-Jul-09

    6 votes
  • dude what the hell is this chick talking about on @mrbobbybones?

    - andyroddick at 1:36:56 pm ET on 7-May-09

    6 votes
  • 3 h on court today. I love my work. Its a luxury to be able to say that.

    - amqj_magnus at 10:31:46 pm ET on 23-Aug-09

    6 votes
  • Hitting up with german machine. Mr Shuttler today. Nice!

    - amqj_magnus at 5:24:48 pm ET on 27-Aug-09

    6 votes
  • Im pumped to see Incubus during Indy in a couple weeks, they are probably a top 5 band of all time

    - samquerrey at 3:59:44 am ET on 8-Jul-09

    6 votes
  • New York City. Mclovin it.

    - vincespadea at 5:27:00 pm ET on 30-Aug-09

    6 votes
  • watchin a bit of boxing before we leave for UM. Arreola vs Walker.

    - andy_murray at 2:42:32 pm ET on 30-Jul-09

    6 votes
  • Watching final episode on Prison Break.. Finally!!

    - amqj_magnus at 9:40:16 pm ET on 25-Aug-09

    6 votes
  • Dinner at Serafina tonite. Cosy.

    - amqj_magnus at 8:58:16 pm ET on 28-Aug-09

    6 votes
  • 2nd on after 11 tomorow

    - amqj_magnus at 9:06:10 am ET on 30-Aug-09

    6 votes
  • Still in Tampa..

    - amqj_magnus at 2:13:50 pm ET on 13-Aug-09

    6 votes