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Girl with big dreams. Mom to my beautiful son Leo. Instagram @vichka35


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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 4 days ago
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what you do in life-you never stop needing your mom.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 14 days ago
    RT @WTA: Our exclusive One-On-One series continues with 🇧🇾 @vika7. Speaking with @ChrissieEvert, she takes us through her personal journey to No.1 🏆

    Watch the full episode below ⤵️

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 14 days ago
    Always a pleasure with you Chrissie ❤️

    Chris Evert
    She’s bright, opinionated, inquisitive, and the comeback player of the year last year. She’s a devoted mom and her own person... @vika7 ... thank you for revealing yourself to us! ❤️💪@WTA

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    The price I pay? Which is what? I didn’t complain that people are taking pictures of me. I didn’t complain at all. I’m genuinely curious. And the other part of elite getting rich, you have no idea from what background im coming from

    Ron Inabinett
    @vika7 The price you pay for being a celebrity. You make more in a year than most do in a lifetime by playing a sport. I realize you consider it hard work, and I would too, but it is a game, that enables elite to get rich. Let them take pictures of you, it gives people pleasure.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago

    @vika7 Forgive us, we slipped up! 🥺 You know we love you! ❤️

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    I think the context of flattering has different measures for everyone. I’m not talking of selfie filtered duck lip making face

    Thomas Davis
    @vika7 If you have a "flattering" pic while striking the ball during a match, surely you're not trying hard enough. Best wishes on the clay!

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    I’m not talking about that at all. I have taken many photos of athletes thanks to @robinfenlon lessons :) But then my 3 cameras were stolen. So realistic action shot is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s just requires a bit longer than 1,2 snaps and I got the job done

    @vika7 Action shots are not supposed to be flattering. They should be realistic. If you are smiling or have the perfect model face then it isn't believable. It's true for all sports.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    That’s the simple answer?!?!

    Ismail Mohamed
    @vika7 The answer is simple. Why were the tennis courts created? It is certain that the player will have to play on these different floors. And why was the camera built for sure to shoot with. It doesn't matter where or when, but everything is made for destiny.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    This is a great example it’s just like 🤦🏼‍♀️

    @vika7 The photographer snaps but the picture editor chooses. I noticed the BBC Tennis page was obsessed with unflattering pics - these were all within a week or so. Guess they thought they were... funny?

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    That is bizarre kinda, unless it’s a wide angle court coverage shot the point of the ball in the photo is a bit whatever, no?

    Jimmie48 Photography
    @DKTNNS @BenRothenberg @vika7 I’ve been told by photographers that without a ball in the photo it’s apparantly „not a proper sports shot“.. which is of course nonsense. But yes, I think many photographers obsess too much about having balls in the shot instead of the overall aesthetic…

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    Send me the better ones 😂

    John Hoin
    @vika7 If you really want a discussion on it I certainly would love to help. Looks like Jimmie already put down the basics though. Example, I legitimately have no idea why Nike once bought a photo I took of you. I had many that were better.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    Thank you Jimmie

    Jimmie48 Photography
    @vika7 Differnt factors. Some photographers think it looks good because it looks „intense“, many simply don’t care as long as a shot is in focus. Also, taking nicer photos usually takes more time and you need experience to know which motions/shots look good on which player.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    movement or moment for sure, the intensity of the physical attribute, but am I the only one who is sometimes like why and why would this be a photo on like front page of the website or something?!?! Maybe fans like it? Maybe other players like them too? Maybe I’m the only one 😂

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    But for real. I always have been curious of like tennis photos taken during matches, like whats the catch? What is making photographers or editors to be like yea that’s the great one and your face is like all squeaky. And I get it it’s not only about the face and it’s about

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 15 days ago
    What a great choice of picture guys 😂 out of 10-15 min of taking pictures during practice this is the best one of me?!?! 🤦🏼‍♀️ @MutuaMadridOpen

    Nice day! 🥰 @WTA | @WTA_Espanol | #MMOPEN

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 17 days ago
    Hola Madrid 👋🏻
    Ha pasado algún tiempo

    Ps. It me chasing a 💣 forehand from @mariasakkari 😂 😓

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 18 days ago
    None of us alone can save the nation or the world. But each of us can make a positive difference if we commit ourselves to do so.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 19 days ago
    Time invested in improving ourselves cuts down on time wasted in disapproving of others.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 20 days ago
    #HappyEarthDay 🌎

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 21 days ago
    Best news! You are amazing! Vamos

    Carla Suárez Navarro
    Another step forward. Today I finished my treatment and overcame Hodgkin lymphoma. Thanks to all for your warm messages. Every word of support gave me strength during the past few months. ❤️ All my gratitude to healthcare professionals who take care of us every day. I'M CURED!

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 22 days ago
    Dead on 👍🏻

    Andrea Petkovic
    @vika7 ottolenghi’s like: 2 pounds of blackened grape garlic and a herb that only grows on the galapagos island between may 12th and may 14th, pasta of your choice.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 22 days ago
    Whats stops me is to grocery shop for those little things you wouldn’t know in which recipe to use after 😂

    Andrea Petkovic
    E.g. : nice on paper - in real life (my kitchen) probably green mush.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 24 days ago
    why are people have a problem with other people choice if doesn’t align with yours?
    I didn’t tell no one to go do it.
    I said what I’m doing for me, for my knowledge and my belief on what is right.

    @vika7 Amazed you'd expose your body's immune system to an unknown, unlicensed cocktail of drugs, labelled & sold as a 'vaccine'. Bigger question being; a vaccine for 'what' exactly? Pat Cash would not be impressed, given what he's suggested to super fit tennis playing communities.

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 24 days ago

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 27 days ago
    There is no ‘right time’
    There is just time, and what you choose to do with it...

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 29 days ago

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    RT @TennisChanneli: SEASON 1 RECAP EPISODE! 🤩

    Watch the best moments from @vika7's show "Think About It"


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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    RT @ITFTennis: Missed our Level The Playing Field Global Forum?

    We've got you covered in 60 seconds. Go...⏱

    #AdvantageAll | @BillieJeanKing | @vika7 | @ANNIKA59 | @itscarolineweir

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    Hey guys!
    The first season of ‘Think about it’ is over...but
    We did a recap episode for all the best moments and my sum up on each episode. Hope you guys enjoy it

    Click below for full link

    @TennisChannel @WTA

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    RT @TennisChannel: We listened, we thought, and we learned through @vika7's podcast "Think About it." 🤔

    Now, at the end of Season 1, it's time to recap the best moments from every episode.
    Watch the full video:

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    Good luck champ ❤️

    Ash Barty
    Always the ultimate test against a great champion and friend 🤍

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    RT @WTA_Espanol: ¡Puntazo!👊

    @vika7 | #MiamiOpen

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    RT @WTA: 🤗 @vika7 🤗 @MiamiOpen 🤗

    The three-time champ is through to Round 4, where she will face top seed Barty!

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    RT @TennisChannel: "It's always going to be a battle against Angelique."

    Fresh off her third round victory, @vika7 chats with @PrakashAmritraj about her performance & shares some news about her podcast.

    #MiamiOpen | @Cadillac

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    I always been a huge fan of sneakers and my collection is always growing with AirMax models 😊 👟
    Happy #AirMaxday

    Whats your favorite model?

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    RT @TennisChannel: "We constantly have to prove ourselves more than men, in any job, any sport, in even being a just feels like it's always a heavier load."

    Thank you to those working to help lift that load. There's more work to be done.

    #EqualPayDay2021 #ChooseToChallenge @Vika7

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago

    Internazionali Bnl
    #IBI21 Wild Card!! 😂 @vika7

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    RT @ESPNtenis: #Viral Leo, hijo de @vika7, agarró la raqueta. 🙌

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago

    @vika7 @MiamiOpen Not a bad decision! See you in Paris 😉

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    RT @MutuaMadridOpen: Like mother, like... 🥰

    🎥 @vika7

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - one month ago
    ‼️Leo has decided to skip this year @miamiopen to prepare the best for the upcoming clay season ‼️
    😂 😂 😂

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 2 months ago
    🎾 round ✌🏻 @WTA @QatarTennis #QatarTotalOpen2021

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 2 months ago
    Episode 6
    Think about it

    Thank you dr Rahul for our fascinating conversation. I learned a lot from you and I remember all the hours I spent on research prior to our conversation :) it was worth it every minute

    Full link below

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 2 months ago
    RT @TennisChanneli: Episode 6 of #ThinkAboutIt!

    @vika7 learns how to boost your brain and improve your cognitive performance with brain surgeon & scientist, Dr. Rahul Jandial. 🧠

    Watch now:

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 2 months ago
    Think about it Ep.6

    "You're able to develop all those skills and tools to help you to grow." In episode 6, @vika7 spoke with brain surgeon and scientist, Rahul Jandial -->

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 2 months ago

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 2 months ago

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 2 months ago
    RT @WTA: Game, set, match @vika7 🤜🤛

    The two-time Doha champ prevails in a terrific contest against Kuznetsova, 6-2, 6-3.


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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 2 months ago
    RT @WTA: Moving on 👉 @vika7, @GarbiMuguruza, @JelenaOstapenk8 and @AngeliqueKerber!

    See who won their opening-round matches at @QatarTennis on Monday -->

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  • victoria azarenka (vika7) - 2 months ago
    I need a tutorial of this please 🙋🏼‍♀️

    AlexisOhanian.eth 7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣
    Weekend things 🥞🥞🥞🦖🦖🦖

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